Witmers Feed and Grain


Witmer's Feed & Grain, Inc., located at 3770 Renkenberger Road in Columbiana, Ohio, was established in 1978. Witmer's is a Feed Mill, Grain Elevator and Fertilizer Blending Plant whose main course of business is manufacturing and delivering feed to Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. 84% of the business goes to feed sales, 6% to fertilizer, 7% to grain, and miscellaneous sales accounts for the other 3%. Witmer's Feed & Grain, Inc. provides a grain marketing program for purchasing grain, contracting grain, and contracting feed. It also has trained salespersons that are available for on-the-farm assistance to the farmer. These salespersons supply services such as forage sampling and nutrition balancing.

Witmer's Feed & Grain, Inc., is currently producing 50,000 tons of feed per year on one shift, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on Saturdays. Witmer's currently has 885,000 bushels of approved grain storage space approved by the government. Grain is mainly purchased at harvest time, stored and then sold through out the year in feed manufactured by the mill.

Witmer's Feed & Grain, Inc. was formed by David and Joanna Witmer as a corporation on July 10, 1978. Witmer's was formed when a local feed mill, Columbiana Milling, was demolished by a train derailment in 1977. David supplied the Mill with grain through out the years and was asked by the owners and customers of Columbiana Milling to build a new Feed Mill at his home farm on Renkenberger Road. This would then allow him to make feed and service the customers of the old Columbiana Milling Company.

At the time of construction, Witmer's Feed & Grain, Inc. was a very modern and innovative feed mill. It was the first in this area to have overhead ingredient storage and was labor efficient. In 1982 Fertilizer was added, increasing the range of Witmer's service and products lines. Witmer's Feed & Grain, Inc. could now service the farmers in three unique areas, supply the farmers with seed and fertilizer to grow their crops, supply drying and storage services to handle the crops and supply quality lines of feed to the farmers.

In 1986, Witmer's Feed & Grain, Inc. purchased another feed facility from Salon Supply in Garfield, Ohio. This location only provided feed manufacturing until 1988 when a small grain facility was added. In 1997 a new grain dumping, drying and storage facility was built increasing the storage capacity to 110,000 bu. In the fall of 2001 a 160,000 bu. bin was added to the grain facility bring total grain storage capacity to 270,000 bu.. A fertilizer building, blender and spreaders were added in 2001 to add fertilizer services to the Garfield location.

In 1998 construction of a new feed mill began at the Columbiana location. October of 1999 the computerized mill went on line. Capacity of 25 ton per hour, new load out bins, ingredient receiving area, 500 ton overhead ingredient bins, RMS Grinder, Scott Ribbon Mixer, bagging bins and automatic bagger. This new facility allowed Witmer's to go from 3 shifts per day back to 1 shift.


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