Breeding Goat Program

Show-Rite Herd Builder

A 16.5% pelleted complete feed to be fed to all classes of goats. Feed at a rate of 3-4% of body weight for added bloom and accelerated growth. Can also be fed to mature goats at a rate of 1-2% of body weight to maintain bloom and freshness of muscle expression.

Show-Rite Duncan Fat N’ Sassy R20

A 15.5% pelleted creep feed and starter for goats up to 6 months of age and to developing bucks and show does that require a little extra bloom.

Witmer’s Sheep and Goat

A 16% complete textured feed formulated to be fed to all age classes of goats and sheep. Supplemented with Ammonium Chloride for the prevention of Urinary Calculi.

Witmer’s Kingston Goat

A 14% protein complete textured feed designed for goats of all ages and for goats on pasture. Contains Ammonium Chloride to help reduce the risk of Urinary Calculi.

Show Goat Program

Show-Rite Glen Martin Advancer Plus R20 (Grower-Finisher)

A 15% pelleted feed designed to add flesh and bloom to soften the overall appearance while maintaining muscle expression. Feed at a rate of 1.5-3% of body weight per day.

All Contain Ammonium Chloride to help reduce the risk of Urinary Calcui

A 16% well-balanced textured feed formulated to promote maximum muscle growth and skeletal development. Rumensin™ serves as the medication while an added probiotic helps to improve and stimulate the immune system, as well as improve ruminal health. Also formulated with Bluelite™ Technology containing Betaine to prevent heat stress by regulating body temperature and added electrolytes to stimulate water intake. Feed at a rate of 2% of bodyweight per head per day with a small amount of a good quality hay.

Show Lamb Program

NewCo Lamb Creep D22.7

A highly palatable creep ration designed to maximize early muscle shape and expression. Mini-pellet form to encourage early consumption.

NewCo Lamb Feed D22.7

A complete feed designed to maximize muscle development and provide an ideal handle, while maintaining enough fat cover for the extra smooth finish.

SHOWIT Lamb Textured

A well-balanced blend of grains makes up this 18% textured feed that was designed to encourage muscle growth and skeletal soundness. Medicated with Deccox™ and contains a probiotic for rumen health and development, as well as to improve the immune system. Formulated with a zinc source for hoof health, Bluelite™ Technology to prevent heat stress by regulating body temperature and added electrolytes to stimulate water intake. Feed 1lb per 100lbs of bodyweight per head per day along with a small amount of good quality hay.

Sheep & Goat Supplement Tubs

  • Premium Sheep and Goat Tub is a concentrated protein supplement for all classes of goats and sheep. The increased protein levels can dramatically improve forage digestion and intake with added Vitamin E to help meet animal requirements.
  • Sheep-lyx™ Tub is a 16% protein, nutrient-dense supplement designed for all classes of sheep consuming forage-based diets. Sheep-lyx contains no added copper.
  • Goat-lyx™ Tub is an 18% all-natural protein supplement that is specifically fortified for goats. It is formulated to provide the added nutrition for enhancing forage utilization and production measures for growth, lactation, reproduction and health.

Helpful Tips

  • Always transition animals from one feed to another by gradually mixing the current ration with the one to follow over a five day period.
  • Provide plenty of fresh clean water to your animal at all times.
  • Supplement your animal with a good quality hay or pasture.
  • Never feed moldy or musty feeds to animals.
  • Always follow a deworming schedule suggested by your veterinarian. It is important to deworm your animals at regular intervals to maintain general well-being. Deworming is very important as parasites rob animals of their health and compromise their performance.
Witmer’s Feeds are made with high quality and consistent ingredients and are quality assured. Formulations are based on scientific research and designed to complement any on farm nutritional program.