Dairy Feed

Beef Nutritional Products

Commercial Beef Feeds

Witmer’s 14%
Witmer’s 12%
High quality complete beef feeds for cattle on pasture or feedlots and designed to complement a variety of forages. Feed at a rate of 2% of body weight per head per day. Formulated with Hydrochloride trace minerals, biotin and all essential vitamins required for optimal performance.
Witmer’s 10% Thrifty Beef
An economical commercial beef feed formulated for those on ample pasture or good quality hay. Supplemented with vitamins and trace minerals to provide nutritional balance for the well-conditioned animal.

Premium Dairy Beef

32% Grower
28.5% Finisher
A complete birth to market feeding program where each stage of feeding is designed to improve gains.
28.5% Finisher

Witmer’s Base Pellets

Witmer 40% Beef Feedlot Supp
(Complete with Vitamins and trace minerals)
All natural protein pellets designed to be mixed with grain on farm to make creep feed, grower feed and finishing rations.

Beef Mineral

Witmer’s Phos 8 Mineral
Witmer’s Hi-Mag Mineral
Witmer’s Feed Lot Mineral
Free Choice mineral fed to compliment farm based nutritional and grazing programs.

Calf Starter

Witmer’s Edge 22% (2 weeks to 4 months)
A highly digestible textured calf creep feed designed to help wean calves. Fortified with Neotec4® to stimulate pancreatic development and fortified with Celmanex® and Rumensin to aid digestion and prevent coccidiosis.
Witmer’s 20% Calf Pellet (2 weeks to 4 months)
Complete pelleted starter pellet fortified with Rumensin.
Witmer’s 18% (2 weeks to 4 months)
A well balanced textured creep feed designed for increased weight gain and fortified with Rumensin for the prevention of coccidiosis.

Creep Feeds

Witmer’s Edge 16% Grower (Weaning and up)
Formulated with quality ingredients with pelletized minerals and protein to prevent sorting in calves that are starting to consume forage. Ideal for pre-ruminant heifers and steers and fortified with Rumensin.
Witmer’s Edge 14% Transition (Weaning and up)
Designed for heifers transitioning onto forage diets. Feed starting at 4 pounds per head per day in decreasing amounts as heifers age, condition of animal dictates and forage quality allows. Fortified with Rumensin.

Show-Rite® Feeds

Show-Rite Beef Creep
A 12% complete balanced creep feed containing cracked grains for better digestibility in calves.
Show-Rite Cruiser (450 to 750 lbs.)
A 13% textured, high fiber complete feed for growing cattle to achieve muscle growth and frame while maintaining bloom.
Show-Rite Basic Beef (450 to 750 lbs.)
A 12% complete well designed textured feed containing cracked grains to better meet the needs of growing and finishing show steers and heifers.
Show-Rite Throttled Up (750 lbs. to Finish)
A 12% textured, high fat, high fiber finishing feed.

Show Feeds

Witmer’s Show Steer Grower (450 to 750 lbs.)
A 12% grower feed designed for improved feed efficiency to be fed as a sole ration to show steers from weaning until 750 lbs. of body weight. Fortified with Rumensin®. Witmer’s Show
Witmer’s Show Steer Finisher Plus (450 to 750 lbs.)
A 12% finishing feed fortified with Rumensin, amino acids and direct-fed microbials for optimal finish and cover.
Show Rite

Beef Supplement Tubs

CRYSTALYX® bgf-30™ is a complete, self-fed supplement specially formulated for cattle consuming fresh or stored moderate to low quality forages. BGF-30 combines rumen degradable protein, rumen bypass protein and non-protein nitrogen in an energy rich, mineral-dense, weather resistant package.
CRYSTALYX Brigade® Stress Fighting Formula is a high energy, self-fed supplement fortified with electrolytes, high levels of vitamins and minerals and chelated/organic trace minerals. This helps overcome nutritional stress associated with weaning, shipping, grouping and the breeding period.
CRYSTALYX Replacement Heifer™ A high energy, self-fed protein and mineral supplement formulated for the growing heifer. As part of a balanced feeding program, Replacement Heifer Formula will provide needed trace minerals, vitamins, added energy and protein for the developing heifer.
CRYSTALYX Rolyx® Pro-Mag is a dual-purpose, low moisture block, formulated with added protein and magnesium. It is designed to be self-fed to cattle consuming moderate to good quality forages, rescue forages, low magnesium forages, or forages with high potassium concentrations that interfere with magnesium absorption. It is energy dense and highly fortified with trace minerals and vitamins. Also contains RABON®, the proven effective oral larvicide, to prevent the development of horn flies, face flies, house flies and stable flies in the manure of treated animals.

Helpful Tips

  • Always transition animals from one feed to another by gradually mixing the current ration with the one to follow over a five day period.
  • Provide plenty of fresh clean water to your animal at all times.
  • Supplement your animal with a good quality hay or pasture.
  • Never feed moldy or musty feeds to animals.
  • Always follow a deworming schedule suggested by your veterinarian. It is important to deworm your animals at regular intervals to maintain general well-being. Deworming is very important as parasites rob animals of their health and compromise their performance.
Witmer’s Feeds are made with high quality and consistent ingredients and are quality assured. Formulations are based on scientific research and designed to complement any on farm nutritional program.