Dairy Cow Nutritional Products

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Newborn Calves

Colostrum Plus by La Belle

Colostrum replacer manufactured from all natural, harvested first-day colostrum. Guaranteed to deliver 100 grams of IgG to prevent failure of passive transfer. Contains E. coli antibody for the prevention of E. coli diarrhea. Perfect for situations where quality colostrum is not rapidly available.

Witmer’s Edge 24:18 warm-weather formulation fortified with ClariFly®

Witmer’s Edge 24:20 cold-weather formulation with extra energy

Easy to mix, all-milk protein milk replacer. Contains 24% protein with 18% or 20% edible grade fat for optimal digestibility and maximum daily gain depending on season. Medicated with Bovatec® for control of coccidiosis, direct fed microbials and Celmanax® SPC to support enteric calf health. Supplemented with NeoTec4®, a fatty acid that supports pancreatic development as an aid to weaning.

Heifer Premixes

37% Calf and Heifer Mixer Pellet

All natural protein pellets fortified with vitamins, trace minerals and Rumensin® designed to be mixed with on farm grain to make starter, grower and transition feeds.

Witmer’s Heifer Premix with Rumensin®

A vitamin and trace mineral premix designed to be fed at .25 pounds per head per day and mixed into primarily forage based diets for animals weighing 800 pounds up to two months prior to freshening. It can serve as the sole vitamin and mineral source for these animals.

Dairy Mixes

Calf Starters

Witmer’s Edge 22% (2 weeks to 4 months)

A highly digestible, textured calf starter designed to help wean calves off of milk smoothly and take advantage of early calf growth potential. Contains pelletized vitamin and trace minerals to minimize sorting. Fortified with Neotec4 to help aid weaning, Celmanex to aid in digestion and Rumensin. Start feeding at 2 weeks and begin weaning calves from milk replacer when consuming 1.5 pounds of starter.

Witmer’s Elite Summer(2 weeks to 4 months)

Witmer’s Elite Winter(2 weeks to 4 months)

A balanced, textured calf starter designed with the show calf in mind. Formulated with flaked corn and Rumensin for the prevention of coccidiosis.

Witmer’s 20% Calf-Pellet (2 weeks to 4 months)

Complete calf starter fortified with Rumensin and designed for customers where the set-up is better suited for pellets.

Witmer’s 18% Calf (2 weeks to 4 months)

A well balanced textured starter designed for increased weight gain and fortified with Neotec4 and Rumensin for the prevention of coccidiosis.

Heifer Feeds

Witmer’s Edge 16% Grower (4 to 10 months)

Formulated with quality ingredients with pelletized minerals and protein to prevent sorting in calves that are starting to consume forage. Feed at a rate of 4-6 pounds per day. Fortified with Rumensin.

Witmer’s Edge 14% Transition (8 to 14 months)

Designed for heifers transitioning onto all forage diets. Feed starting at 4 pounds per head per day in decreasing amounts as heifers age, condition of animal dictates and forage quality allows. Fortified with Rumensin.


Commercial Dairy Feeds

Witmer’s 16% Dairy (Mature)

High quality complete and consistent Dairy feed for cattle designed to complement a variety of forages. Formulated with Witmer’s Dairy Pack to optimize the performance and health of your dairy cows. Feeding rate can be varied based on quality of forages and levels of production between 15-30 pounds per day.

Witmer’s Dry Cow (Mature and Springing Heifers)

Designed to prevent peri-parturient diseases such as ketosis, milk fever and retained placentas. Complements corn silage, grass forages and straw diets superbly. Formulated with Rumensin and Witmer’s Dairy Pack. Feed between 4.5 to 6 pounds per head per day to ensure best results.

Witmer’s Dairy Pack

A low inclusion, proprietary vitamin and trace mineral formulation based on the newest independent university research. Complete blend of vitamins, hydrochloride trace minerals and biotin to meet and fulfill the needs of today’s dairy cow on a forage based diet. This pack eliminates the need for costly additional vitamin and chelated mineral supplementation. Feed at .1 pounds per head per day.

Show Feeds


A low energy, high protein, amino acid balanced, complete feed that promotes lean and rapid frame growth without excessive weight gain. Feed from 4 months and up.

Show Feeds

Cattle Supplement Tubs

CRYSTALYX® BUFFER-LYX® is a unique, nutrient dense, formulation specifically designed for lactating dairy cows that have the potential for experiencing subacute ruminal acidosis (SARA). BUFFER-LYX is formulated with rumen buffering ingredients to maintain maximum levels of feed intake and promote increased milk production while minimizing disorders often associated with high-producing dairy cows.

CRYSTALYX Replacement Heifer™ Formula is a high energy, self-fed protein and mineral supplement formulated for the growing heifer. As part of a balanced feeding program, Replacement Heifer Formula will provide needed trace minerals, vitamins, added energy and protein for the developing heifer.

CRYSTALYX Dry Cow™ Formula is a self-fed supplement designed for use in addition to a balanced ration for dry Dry Cow Formula is fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace minerals to aid in reducing metabolic disorders and subsequent rebreeding problems.

CRYSTALYX Dairylyx™ Formula is a self-fed supplement designed for use in addition to a balanced ration for dry Dry Cow Formula is fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace minerals to aid in reducing metabolic disorders and subsequent rebreeding problems.

Helpful Tips

  • Always transition animals from one feed to another by gradually mixing the current ration with the one to follow over a five day period.
  • Provide plenty of fresh clean water to your animal at all times.
  • Supplement your animal with a good quality hay or pasture.
  • Never feed moldy or musty feeds to animals.
  • Always follow a deworming schedule suggested by your veterinarian. It is important to deworm your animals at regular intervals to maintain general well-being. Deworming is very important as parasites rob animals of their health and compromise their performance.
Witmer’s Feeds are made with high quality and consistent ingredients and are quality assured. Formulations are based on scientific research and designed to complement any on farm nutritional program.