Horse Feed

Our Equine Nutritional Products

Equi-Balance 14

Witmers Equi-Balance 14%
A top quality grain mix formulated with vitamins and trace minerals and designed to complement grass and mixed hay diets for brood mares, lean, high activity, and growing horses.

Equi-Balance 12

Witmers Equi-Balance 12%
A 12% grain formulated with vitamins and trace minerals and designed to add to the nutritional value of moderate to poor quality hay. Great for the easy keeping performance horse.

Equi-Balance 12 Pellet

Witmers 12% Equibalance Pellet
A 12% grain formulated with vitamins and trace minerals and designed to add to the nutritional value of moderate to poor quality hay. Great for the easy keeping performance horse.

Witmer’s 10

Witmer’s 10%
A 10% grain formulated with vitamins and trace minerals. An economical feed designed to maintain the “Easy Keaper” horse.

Garfield 10

Garfield 10%
An economical horse feed formulated for those horses on ample grass pasture or quality hay. Supplemented with vitamins and trace minerals providing nutritional balance to meet the requirements for the “Easy Keeper” horse.
Hubbard Life

Cool Command®

A pelleted 13% crude protein horse feed with 7% total fat formulated to be fed with forage (hay/pasture), to a variety of horses where lower levels of carbohydrates are recommended. The high level of fat will supply a metabolically “cool” energy. The optimal levels of vitamins, minerals and proteins willhelp keep the horse in correct body condition.


A 14% feed designed to meet the nutritional requirements of horses at all stage of life. It is fortified with organic trace minerals, vitamins, and yeast for better nutrient absorption, and overall health of your horse.


A 13% protein feed that is formulated for the older or inactive horse that may have teeth or other health issues that prevents them from consuming adequate amounts of feed. Added yeast improves digestibility and nutrient uptake. Highly digestible soluble fiber ources compensate for the reduce feed digestion in aging and stressed horses.


A fully fortified feed that supplies balanced nutrition for the maintenance of pleasure horses. Is available in texturized or pelleted form.

Equine Supplement Tubs

Stablelyx® Equine Supplement is a unique, palatable, high energy supplement designed for consistent free choice consumption by all classes of equine. Stablelyx ensures daily intake of trace minerals and vitamins necessary for top performance.
Rolyx® Pro-Mag is a dual-purpose, low-moisture block, formulated with added protein and magnesium. It is designed to be fed free-choice to horses consuming moderate to good quality forages, fescue forages, low magnesium forages, or forages with high potassium concentrations that interfere with magnesium absorption. It is energy dense and highly fortified with trace minerals and vitamins. It also contains RABON®, the proven effective oral larvicide’s, to prevent the development of horn flies, face flies, house flies and stable flies in the manure of treated animals.

Helpful Tips

  • Always transition animals from one feed to another by gradually mixing the current ration with the one to follow over a five day period.
  • Provide plenty of fresh clean water to your animal at all times.
  • Supplement your animal with a good quality hay or pasture.
  • Never feed moldy or musty feeds to animals.
  • Always follow a deworming schedule suggested by your veterinarian. It is important to deworm your animals at regular intervals to maintain general well-being. Deworming is very important as parasites rob animals of their health and compromise their performance.
Witmer’s Feeds are made with high quality and consistent ingredients and are quality assured. Formulations are based on scientific research and designed to complement any on farm nutritional program.